Our Mission: To provide professional fire prevention, suppression and rescue services to the County of Wheatland.

The Strathmore Rural Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression and rescue activities inside of the County of Wheatland over an area approximately 560 square miles, and is staffed by30 paid-per-call firefighters.

The county is supported by several other community based fire systems. Gleichen, Cluny, Caresland, Rockyford, Standard, Hussar,  Rosebud and Dalum provide services to the residents of the county. The Town of Strathmore provides its own fire protection.

The county is marked by the Bow river and Siksika reservation on the south, Hi-way 56 on the East, Hi way 9 on the north, and a line which runs north and south between Hi-way's 9 and 24 on the west.

Emergency Medical Services are provided by WADEMSA, STARS


For information contact:
 Chief Mark Heilman

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